Joe's United Way Golf Classic Results

Flight A

1st place Gaskins/Risenhoover

2nd Place Gann/Prince

3rd Place Fitzgerald/Phillips

4th Place Grantham/Kaehler

Flight B

1st Place Stevens/Hart

2nd Place Mitchell/Thompson

3rd Place Wald/Lozier

4th Place Terry/Thomas

Flight C

1st Place Campbell/Schultz

2nd Place Brown/Brown

3rd Place Harmon/Hamen

4th Place Hurlbutt/Hurlbutt

Flight D

1st Place Minshall/Newport

2nd Place Carris/Hayes

3rd Place tie Gaskill/Crowdis and Huddleston/Alvardo

Ladies' Flight

1st Place Baldwin/Meyer

2nd Place Scott/Gumm


Closest to Pint winners

Lynn Gann and John Killam


Longest Drive winners

Logan Karner and Seth Hughes


First Day Tournament Leaders

Terry/Thomas, Gann/Prince and Hughes/Brandt tie


Hole-in-One winner Lakeside #18

Roxy Baldwin

Fun Flight Winners

Cody Sander           Matt Hull

Justin Claborn         James Minton

John Meier              Scott Beasley

Bryan Shed              Kyle Stringer

Prizes (Pro Shop Dollars)

Flights A-D
1st Place - $400/team
2nd Place - $275/team
3rd Place - $150/team
4th Place - $100/team
Ladies Flight
1st Place - $150/team
2nd Place - $50/team
Fun Flight - 8 drawings for $100
First Day Tournament Leaders - $300/team (split if tie)

THANK YOU for joining Joe's United Way Golf Classic!

Your winnings are at:


Gann/Prince $275 + $100 = $375

Fitzgerald/Phillips $150

Stevens/Hart $400

Terry/Thomas $100

Campbell/Schultz $400

Harmon/Hamen $150

Hurlbutt/Hurlbutt $100

Gaskill/Crowdis $150

Huddleston/Alvardo $150

Baldwin/Meyer $150

Cody Sander $100       

James Minton $100

Bryan Shed $100           

Kyle Stringer $100

Country Club

Gaskins/Risenhoover $400

Grantham/Kaehler $100

Mitchell/Thompson $275

Wald/Lozier $150

Brown/Brown $275

Minshall/Newport $400

Carris/Hayes $275

Scott/Gumm $50

Matt Hull $100

John Meier $100   

Scott Beasley $100

Justin Claborn $100

Terry/Thomas $100

Hughes/Brandt $100