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507 W. ELM ST, STILLWATER, OK 74074 - (405) 372-8896

Catering Menu

Thank you for choosing Eskimo Joe’s catering! We offer pick up, delivery, and full-service catering options to best suit your event. Please ask for details on our custom bar catering services.

* Menu prices do not include setup or delivery fees, tax or gratuities.

For more information please contact:

[email protected]


501 W Elm St.

Stillwater OK, 74074


Finger Foods and Appetizers

Meatballs Large, Italian meatballs covered in our own zesty red sauce! 5 lb. (approx. 80 pc) $75.00 10 lb. (approx. 160 pc) $150.00

Pepper Bacon Wrapped Chicken- Bite-sized pieces of Joe’s own marinated chicken breast wrapped in our homemade sweet pepper bacon. 5 lb. (approx. 100 pc) $90.00 10 lb. (approx. 200 pc) $180.00

Blackened Chicken – Joe’s very own bite-sized, make your eyes water, spicy chicken! 5 lb. (approx. 160 pc) $75.00 10 lb. (approx. 320 pc) $150.00

Buffalo or Hickory Chicken Wings/Boneless Wings- Wings tossed in Joe’s homemade spicy buffalo sauce or smoky hickory sauce!

Boneless 5 lb. $65.00 Bone In 5 lb. $70.00

Boneless 10 lb. $130.00 Bone In 10 lb. $140.00

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip – A Blend of Joe’s spicy buffalo sauce, signature ranch dressing, cream cheese, freshly-grated Monterrey jack and cheddar cheeses and diced chicken served warm with choice of house-made chips, pita chips, or veggies for dipping.

Half Pan (feeds approx. 50) $ 100.00 Full Pan (feeds approx. 100) $200.00

Spinach Artichoke Dip -Creamy spinach dip with artichoke hearts, topped with parmesan cheese and diced tomatoes, served warm with your choice of tortilla or pita chips for dipping.

½ Gallon (feeds approx. 40) $60 1 Gallon (feeds approx. 75) $120.00

Fresh Cut Fruit or Vegetable Tray- Seasonal fruits and fresh-cut vegetables We’ll customize these items for your group using seasonal fresh produce- please ask for pricing

Cheese and Cracker Trays –Assorted cheeses served with gourmet crackers We’ll customize this item for your group- please ask for pricing

Fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese displays available for groups of 100 or more. Please ask for pricing.

Salad- Fresh mixed greens with green pepper, red onion, diced tomato, and croutons served with your choice of 2 dressings. Salad served by the bowl ($40.00/feeds 20-30)

Pasta Salad- Tri-color rotini pasta lightly coated with Italian dressing and topped with diced tomato, green pepper, red onion and served with your choice of 2 dressings Salad served by the bowl ($50.00/feeds 20-30)

All finger foods are served with your choice of dressing (Honey Mustard, Ranch, Bleu Cheese or Orange Marmalade)


Burgers, Sandwiches and Bars

The following menu items can be packaged for easy pickup or we can set up a personalized buffet for your guests to serve themselves.

Boxed Lunches- Ham and swiss or turkey and cheddar on wheat berry bread with lettuce and tomato served with Lays potato chips or Fritos corn chips and a cookie. ($8.00 per person)

Joe’s Dog Bar- ¼ lb. All beef hotdogs grilled to perfection served with jack cheese, relish, sauerkraut and condiments. Complete the meal with Lays potato chips and your choice of baked beans OR cole slaw ($8.00 per person) Add Joe’s Famous Chili, Chicken Chili or BBQ Pulled Pork $3.00 per person

Joe’s Classic Burger Bar- Joe’s chargrilled 1/3-pound burgers with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickles. Served with your choice of baked beans OR cole slaw and Lays potato chips. ($9.00 per person)

Fowl Thing Chicken Sandwiches- Joe’s own trade-marked marinated chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Complete the meal with Lays Potato chips and your choice of baked beans OR cole slaw. ($10.00 per person)

Pulled Pork Sandwiches- Hand pulled smoked pork shoulder served with our homemade BBQ sauce, pickles and onions. Complete the meal with Lays potato chips and your choice of baked beans OR cole slaw ($9.00 per person) Double the meat for heartier appetites $3.00 per person

Add assorted cheeses for your guests to choose from for just $1.00 or pick 2 of the following premium toppings: sautéed mushrooms, bacon, hickory sauce, BBQ sauce and jalapenos for $2.50 per person

Baby Baker Bar- Our slow roasted garlic butter baby bakers are served with a variety of toppings for guests to choose from, including: Monterey-Jack cheese, bacon bits, sour cream ($5.00 per person) Add Joe’s Famous Chili, Chicken Chili, or BBQ Pulled Pork for $3.00 per person

Mac n Cheese Bar- Creamy, cheesy mac n cheese with endless topping choices. Sweet peppered bacon, diced chicken, chili, let’s be creative together! (Starting at $3.00 per person)

Salad Bar- Fresh mixed greens with choice of toppings including: green peppers, red onions, bacon bits, Monterey-jack cheese, diced tomatoes, eggs, and croutons or tortilla strips ($6.50 per person) Add Joe’s own marinated chicken or blackened chicken for $2.00 per person


Bring the live action of Joe’s to your event! Ask about on-site grilling for a more authentic Joe’s experience! Setup Fee of $150. (Pricing includes mileage, supplies and staffing.) Minimum 30 people for consideration; required for events with 50 Guests or more.


All dinners are served with your choice of 2 side items. Not sure you can decide on one delicious entrée? Ask about creating a combination meal!

Ribeye Steak Dinner- Your choice of 8 or 12 oz. hand cut steaks grilled to perfection with our special seasoning. (8 oz. $20.00 per person, 12 oz. $24.00 per person)

Pecan Smoked Pulled Pork Dinner- Hand pulled smoked pork shoulder served with our homemade BBQ sauce. ($11.00 per person)

BBQ Brisket Dinner –Smoked beef brisket sliced or chopped and served with our homemade BBQ sauce. ($18.00 per person)

Marinated Chicken Dinner- Joe’s own trade-marked marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection

($12.00 per person)

Choose from one of these delicious items for your guests to top off their meal: spicy buffalo sauce, smoky hickory sauce, homemade BBQ sauce, sautéed onions and mushrooms ($1.00 each per person)

Side items: baked beans, green beans, mac n cheese, cole slaw, baked potato salad, Lays potato chips, house salad or our famous garlic butter baby bakers.



All desserts quoted at 1 piece per person unless otherwise listed

Cookies - Assorted fresh baked cookies-2 per person (chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter)

($1.75 per person)

Caramel-Chocolate Cake- Three layers of chocolate cake surrounded by chocolate and caramel filling

($4.50 per person)

Ask about specialty dessert options!



Iced Tea and Water- Freshly brewed iced tea and water served in a collectible Joe’s cup

($2.00 per person)

Iced Tea and Lemonade- Freshly brewed iced tea, and lemonade served in a collectible Joe’s cup

($3.00 per person)

Add assorted canned Pepsi products to your selections for $1.00 per person


Tea and Lemonade by the Gallon – Plastic cups, straws and sweeteners available upon request

($12 per Gallon- Serves 8)