Dog Days of our All-American Summer

We're featuring a different DOG each week this month! 

Wall of Fame

Everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame, especially our friends around the world and here in Stillwater. Check out some of the recent photos that we've received via e-mail or taken at Joe's.

Got a picture of someone wearing a Joe's shirt or displaying something from Joe's? It can be from a far-away place or your own backyard. Click here to submit your photo to the Wall of Fame!

These are the most recent pictures. As new pictures are added, older ones move down to additional pages. To browse the archives, just select a page number below:

  • Rocking my storm chasers Eskimo Joe's at the Dallas Zoo on Valentine's day with my wife, Xanthe

  • McKaughan family Christmas 2015!!

  • Alyssa and Ashley at Eskimo Joe's after softball camp.

  • My granddaughter Harper Elizabeth Schmidt from Republic Missouri is a fan and looks great in pink

  • Three generations of Eskimo Joe's lovers!! In Casa Grande, AZ, for Christmas!

  • Aunt Mandi and Reese Every, Picture with Buffy & Joe

  • Reese Every, age 3

  • This is myself, my husband, our four children, our boys wives, and our thirteen grandchildren wearing our Eskimo Joe's t-shirts at Christmas!

  • Sister, Lt. Col.Kimberly Howerton and Donna Woods pose wearing their Eskimino Joe Cactus Bowl T-shirts in the Saguaro Cactus Forest on the way to Tempe! Photo taken and submitted by their mother, Judy Moore

  • My husband and I are on our second volunteer trip to India - working with school children and children from the mission. Since most of my husband's family are OSU alumni, we love Eskimo Joe's. We bought tee-shirts for all of the children at the mission and told them about your 'Say Cheese' site. This is their photo on January 7th.