Wall of Fame

Everyone deserves 15 minutes of fame, especially our friends around the world and here in Stillwater. Check out some of the recent photos that we've received via e-mail or taken at Joe's.

Got a picture of someone wearing a Joe's shirt or displaying something from Joe's? It can be from a far-away place or your own backyard. Click here to submit your photo to the Wall of Fame!

These are the most recent pictures. As new pictures are added, older ones move down to additional pages. To browse the archives, just select a page number below:

Oldest grandson (10) showing youngest grandson (2) the ropes!

oldest grandson (10) taking the lead at the trampoline place with youngest (2)!! TRUST.

Cousin’s Birthday Fun in Rockwall TX

My four grandsons 2, 5, 7, 10 celebrating birthday in Rockwall, TX. Go Pokes we love Eskimo Joes


Celebrating birthday wishes with new Eskimo Joe's sweatshirts and barista cups!!

Emma Kate first Eskimo Joes shirt

Emma Kate Elston in her first Eskimo joes T-shirt! Her mom worked at Joe’s Clothes during college so this shirt was a must! Emma is 6 weeks old!

Four Generations

Four generations!!

Mennem grandsons annual Joes picture

Family vacation in South Fork, CO

Ann Parrish’s Eskimo Joe’s T-Shirt Quilt

Ann Parrish began working on an OSU themed T-Shirt quilt where her Eskimo Joe’s tees quickly took over!

Kenya Africa

Spending time with the Maasai tribe in Kenya.

Toyko Airport

Coming home from Rach Gia, Vietnam we stopped at Toyko, Japan

Enjoying Phu Quoc, Vietnam

This was taken at Suoi Tranh Waterfall Park in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Phu Quoc is an island, 99 miles off the coast of Vietnam and Cambodia, but owned by Vietnam.